Charging cable with connector T2

BALS-Prd.-Nr E-332151-100B
EAN/Piece 4024941364584
Packaging Unit 1   Piece
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BALS-Prd.-Nr E-332151-100B
EAN 4024941364584
IP-Protection IP44
Product category Charging cable with connector T2
information of protection IP44
Type of current AC 3-phase
Type vehicle side Charging connector type 2
Colour vehicle side top cover black
center cover grey aluminium
buttom cover black
Vehicle side with protective c TRUE
Type infrastructure side Free cable end
With Incable Control Box ICCB FALSE
Arangement of phases 3p+N+PE and PP+CP
Charging mode Mode 3
Current 32A
Current control contacts 2A
Rated operating voltage 200/346-240/415VAC
Rated operating voltage contro 30V
Insulation voltage 500V
Mean time to failure MTTF >10.000 plug-in cycles without load
Operating temperature range -30°C - +50°C
Charging connector VDE certifi 40038624
Proximity circuit 220 Ohm
Rated voltage 450/750V
Temperature resistance chargin -40°C to +80°C
Description of the charging ca Halogen free, flame resistant, high mechanical resistance, very good cold flexibility, very good oil and fuel resistance, UV-, ozone resistant and weatherproof
Cross-section current-carrying 5 x 6,0mm2
Cross section signal conductor 1 x 0,50mm²
Insulation conductors EPR (3G) EVI-2 (DIN EN 50620)
Jacket material TPE-U (11Y)
With temperature sensor FALSE
Cord length 10m
Type of cable straight
Specification/Norm IEC 61851-1
Cable cross section 5 G 6,0 + 1 x 0,5
Charging capacity (kW) 22kW
Resistor coding 220Ohm
Contact surface material Ag
Material of enclosure Strong thermo moulded material
Cable colour black
Outer diameter D 16,0 ± 0,50 mm
Minimum bending radius static 4 x D
Minimum bending radius dynamic 7,5 x D
Handling charging cable Torsion with simultaneous stretching of the cable is considered improper.
Standards charging cable ISO 4982-2
DIN EN 50363-10-2
DIN EN 50267-2-1
IEC 60228
DIN EN 50620
IEC 60332-1
Type of Product Charging cable fixed
Article category eMobile contacts crimped
Version ETIM-9
Class EC002897 - Charging cable E-Mobility
Type of current AC 3-phase
Type vehicle side Type 2
Type infrastructure side Free conductor end
With Incable Control Box (ICCB) FALSE
Charging mode Mode 3
Nominal current 32
With temperature sensor FALSE
Contact material CuZn
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    with connector Type 2