Charging socket

BALS-Prd.-Nr E-81193-16
EAN/Piece 4024941877077
Packaging Unit 1   Piece
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BALS-Prd.-Nr E-81193-16
EAN 4024941877077
Product category Charging socket
With shutter function no
With interlocking actuator yes
With access interlocking yes
LED integrated yes
Installation Front mounting
Charging standard Type 2
Charging capacity (kW) 11kW
Mounting type of the charging 3 - point mounting
Protection class installed IP54
Operating temperature range -30°C - +50°C
Arangement of phases 3p+N+PE and PP+CP
Current 20A
Current control contacts 2A
Rated operating voltage 200/346-240/415V
Rated operating voltage contro 30V
Insulation voltage 500V
Mean time to failure MTTF >10 000 connections without load
Contact surface material Silver plated brass
Connection design Screw connection, conductor cross-section up to 4mm² and 0.5mm² for CP and PP
Material of enclosure strengthened thermo-shape material
Colour of appliance Enclosure black RAL 9005
Number of poles actuator 3p
Nominal voltage 12V DC
Operating voltage actuator 9V - 15,5V DC
Maximum current consumption 3,2A
No load current ≤250mA
Actuating time 200ms < t < 10s, Voltage and temperature dependent, not suitable for permanents power supply
Stability of stop position ≤6° (with short-circuited motor)
Operating temperature range -30°C to +50°C
Life time 60,000 switching cycles in total
Assembly element Mounting clamp for charging plug locking device. Mounting frame for hinged lid locking.
Connection for actuator connecting cable with junction Type E-314-1000 (1000mm length – 3x0,5mm2) - Not included in the delivery.
Number of poles LED lighting 4p
Polarity Common anode
Rated voltage LED 12V DC
Maximum current consumption 75mA
Number of poles hinged lid 2p
Carry current 0,5A
Switching current 0,5A
Sensor resistance 280mΩ
Connection cable hinged lid se 1000mm length - 2x0,5mm² Ends tin plated
Connection cable LED 1000mm length - 4x0,147mm² Ends tin plated
With hinged lid yes
Type of current AC 3-phase
Type of Product Charging socket eMobile
Article category eMobile screw terminal
Version ETIM-9
Class EC002898 - Charging connector E-Mobility
Standard Type 2
With interlocking actuator TRUE
With access interlocking TRUE
Type of current AC 3-phase
LED integrated TRUE
Contact material CuZn
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    Type 2 3-phase

    Connection table - Actuator

    Connection table - Hinged lid sensor / LED lighting

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