Charging cable with connector T1

BALS-Prd.-Nr E-323151-080
EAN/Piece 4024941366618
Packaging Unit 1   Piece
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BALS-Prd.-Nr E-323151-080
EAN 4024941366618
IP-Protection IP44
Product category Charging cable with connector T1
information of protection IP44
Type of current AC 1-phase
Type vehicle side Type 1
Colour vehicle side upper part black
midsection grey aluminium
lower part black
Vehicle side with protective c yes
Infrastructure side with prote no
With Incable Control Box ICCB no
Arangement of phases 2p+PE and CS+CP
Charging mode Mode 3
Current 32A
Current control contacts 2A
Rated operating voltage 200-250V
Rated operating voltage contro 30V
Insulation voltage 500V
Mean time to failure MTTF >10 000 connections without load
Operating temperature range -30°C - +50°C
Charging connector VDE certifi 40040174
Proximity circuit 330 Ohm, 150 Ohm
Locking Locking lug Ø5mm for padlock, allowing an locking of the charging connector during the charging process
Rated voltage 450/750V
Temperature resistance chargin -40°C to +80°C
Description of the charging ca Halogen free, flame-resistant, high mechanical resistance, very good cold flexibility, very good oil and fuel resistance, UV-, ozone resistant and weatherproof
Cross-section current-carrying 3 x 6,0mm2
Cross section signal conductor 1 x 0,50mm2
Insulation conductors EPR (3G) EVI-2 (DIN EN 50620)
Jacket material TPE-U (11Y) EVM-1 (n. DIN EN 50620 acc. to DIN EN 50620)
With temperature sensor no
Cord length 8m
Type of cable Straight
Specification/Norm IEC 61851-1
Cable cross section 3 G 6,0 + 1 x 0,5
Charging capacity (kW) 7.4kW
Contact surface material Silver plated brass
Material of enclosure strengthened thermo-shape material
Cable colour black
Outer diameter D 12,8 ± 0,40 mm
Minimum bending radius static 4 x D
Minimum bending radius dynamic 7,5 x D
Handling Incorrect use caused by torsional stress together with simultaneous expansion of cable should be avoided
Standards charging cable ISO 4982-2
DIN EN 50363-10-2
DIN EN 50267-2-1
IEC 60228
DIN EN 50620
IEC 60332-1
Type of Product Charging cable fixed
Article category eMobile contacts crimped
Version ETIM-9
Class EC002897 - Charging cable E-Mobility
Type of current AC single phase
Type vehicle side Type 1
With Incable Control Box (ICCB) FALSE
Charging mode Mode 3
Nominal current 32
With temperature sensor FALSE
  • Further technical article descriptions on request.
    with connector Type 1